Sealant Adhesive - Black Sikaflex 255FC

Item number: SEAL255FC/B

Black. 300ml cartridge. Complete with nozzle. Sikaflex255FC is suitable for use on glass as well as metal panels (primed and painted). It offers extremely high initialbond strength. Its fast rate of cure results in rapid strength development and shorter service times. Bonding trim, moulding and all kinds of styling elements. Structural bonding of large parts, including sheet metal, composites and glass. Used to replace rivets and other mechanical fasteners. Tack free time: 30 minutes (approx.). One component formulation. Bonds and seals at the same time. Short tack free curing time. Very high thixotropy for good gap filling properties. Adhesion to a wide range of substrates. Non-staining curing process. Non-corrosive. Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001/14001. Initial load bearing capacity. Increases torsional stiffness. Vibration and sound damping properties.