Vari-Force Adjustable Gas Spring / Strut - 10mm Rod

Item number: GASV10NAY1200/EE
10mm (rod). Choose from 515mm or 605mm (Length Open). 1200 Newtons. Vari-Lift Gas Springs are fitted with a gas release valve mounted at the lower end of the body. The valve can be used to release gas from the unit to lower the force required to compress or extend it. The gas is released by simply loosening the lock screw with the allen key supplied until gas is heard escaping. Immediately re-lock the screw & try the unit (Instructions must be adhered to in all applications - failure to do so will invalidate any warranty).
They come with an open eye end on them, ball ends can added if required, see the separate product.

Ball joint end fitting. To be used on any gas spring/strut. Choose to fit a 10mm or 8mm Rod. Supplied individually.