Horsebox Temperature and Humidity Logger

Item number: WS/TD/KL01

The TFA KlimaLogg Pro Wireless Temperature and Humidity Gauge/Logger  allows you to monitor conditions inside your horsebox from the cab. Alarms can be set to alert you about specific temperature and humidity levels. The data can be offloaded wirelessly to your PC to demonstrate conformance with WATO regulations.

Humidity measuring range 1% to 99% with 1% resolution. Temperature measuring range -39.6°C to +59.9°C with 0.1°C resolution. Visual and audible high & low alarm thresholds. Up to 50,000 temperature and humidity data logging intervals adjustable from 1 minute to 6 hours. Free software with graph display available for download. Reception range for the sensors – up to 100 metres. Radio-controlled clock with seconds, date, time zone ±12 hrs. Expandable – combine it with up to eight wireless temperature and humidity sensors (one included).